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Club Background
Madison County Amateur Radio Club


The Madison County Amateur Radio Club was founded in 1979 by Orville Russell - N8IBS (sk), Robert Sparks - WB8ACP (sk), Robert Kirby - N8IDJ, Don Fuhr - W8LJ, Dave Radnour - N8BUE, Don LeFavour - WA8OWR, Doris LeFavour - WB8KDY, and Gary Heiman - KA8GTK.
This initial group acquired a list of hams living in Madison County. Robert Kirby mailed post cards to each potential member.  From this mailing, these members became the MCARC.  Robert Kirby was the Vice-President of the Madison County Hospital.  Meetings were held in the hospital.  Eventually the meeting place was moved to the Madison County Airport.  Orville Russell was associated with the airport and was instrumental in managing the move.  Club meetings had returned to the Madison County Hospital in London in 2004.  The meeting places are now published on the website under Club Events.
Don McGhee, WD8QXT, of West Jefferson, Ohio joined the club shortly after its founding.  He reigns as the longest continuing member and is also the eldest member.
In the Fall of 2002, the club took a new direction by adding educational ham radio related programming to its mission.  Educational meetings were rotated at various meeting sites throughout the county.
On December 10th, 2003, the club adopted a new Constitution and Bylaws ushering in a new era of club activities and direction.
The Madison County Amateur Radio Club is an affiliate club of the Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL).
ACKNOWLEDGMENT:  Thanks to Don Brewer - WD8BHK for compiling the early club history for this column.
Club AMATEUR of the YEAR Award
2002 - Don Brewer - WD8BHK
2003 - Bob Lewis - N8GU
2004 - John Snowden - WB8OSU (KC8SXE)
2005 - Don Kovalchik - W8DPK (WE8R)
2006 - Mark Crosbie - N8MNI
2007 - (Not awarded)
2008 - Mark Crosbie - N8MNI

Our Club Officers 2016
  • President: Don Kovalchik - W8DPK
  • Vice President: Will Hoffine - N8TQU
  • Secretary: Mark Erbaugh - N8ME
  • Treasurer: Terri Kovalchik - N8TLK

  • Activities Committee: 
  • Technical Committee:   Don Kovalchik - W8DPK
  • Public Affairs Committee:  Nick Pittner - K8NAP



  • QSL Manager:  (Available)
  • Newsletter Editor: Jim Hartzler - K8EIJ
  • Repeater Trustee:   Don Kovalchik - W8DPK
  • Webmaster:  Don Kovalchik - W8DPK

Logo courtesy of Charles Bushell - KC8VWM
KE8RV Repeater History
The club's 2-meter repeater on 147.285 MHz is located at the Madison County Hospital in London, Ohio.  It operated for many years as the N8CWU repeater system. (Here is the early history.) In 2000, new equipment was installed in the hospital, the old equipment was removed and the N8CWU repeater system was no longer associated with the club.  The repeater callsign was changed to KE8RV in memory of long-time club member Wanda Cutlip (sk).
Wanda was the club "voice" for many years.  She was always around when anyone accessed the repeater.  She made everyone using the repeater feel welcomed.  Wanda was a part of the club's core and could be found at any club event.  People could always depend on Wanda for taking an active part in the club's success.
Another club "voice" was Ernie - WB8WHQ (sk).
In addition to the London site, the repeater has three remote receiver sites.  One is located in West Jefferson, one is located in Plain City, and the other in Mt Sterling.  Much of the repeater system is manufactered by Hamtronics, Inc.  The main transmitter is at the Madison County Hospital located in London, Ohio. 
The repeater trustee is Don Kovalchik - W8DPK.

Last Updated: March 1, 2016