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Field Day 2004
Madison County Amateur Radio Club
June 2004 at the Pleasant Valley Fire District Headquarters
Field Day 2004 was the second for the Madison County ARC.  It took place once again at the PVFDH, the EOC for the Plain City, Ohio area. It enabled us once again to operate as an F class station.  The club bested last year's score by 100 points.  A club total of 2,094 points were collected.  QSO points were 1,094 (134 points CW, 88 points Digital, and 325 points Phone).  The power multiplier was 2 giving us the 1,094 total points.  On top of that we were able to add another 1,000 bonus points (100 points each for media publicity, public info booth, public place setup, W1AW message, natural power, site visit by an elected official - Sandy Atkins the Mayor of Plain City, site visit by a served agency official - Krista Peters the Madison County EMA Director, and presentations of APRS, SSTV, and remote control operation using six meters). A highlight of the event was the scruptious catering by new amateur Steve Buckley.  The brats and burgers were great and added a new and appreciated touch to our club event.
The 2004 results from ARRL indicate that the Madison County Amateur Radio Club took FIRST place in the Great Lakes ARRL Section in class 2F.  The club was in 17th place out of a total of 56 stations nationwide operating 2F.  For only the second year doing Field Day this is certainly a great accomplishment of the club.
The Team
Will Hoffine & Mayor Adkins
Krista Peters, EMA Director
VHF Station
John Snowden
Lloyd Moore
Field Day Participants
(sorry if I missed anyone)
Will Hoffine-N8TQU, Co-CHMN
Bob Lewis-N8GU, Co-CHMN
Don Brewer-WD8BHK, Pres.
Don Perkins-AB8EL, VP
Bob Adkins-KC8ZVT
Doug Bell-N8HSU
Reuben Fetterhoff-WY8C
Don Fuhr-W8LJ
Paul Kaufman-K4CDA
Don McGhee-WD8QXT
Lloyd Moore-KC8ZVR
Forrest Penwell-N8OIC
Nicholas Pittner-WB8TMF
Dick Reichenbach-KC8OBC
John Snowden-KC8SXE
Tom Breckenridge-KC8MYP
Steve Lytle-K8LYC
Steve Buckley-KC8...
Ben Buckley-KC8...
Dallas Doughty
SSTV Setup
APRS Setup
Doug Bell and Reuben
Son and Dad Team
Reuben Fetterhoff
Steve Buckley the Chef
Dallas Doughty & Don Brewer
Forrest Penwell & Will Hoffine
Bob Adkins & Don Brewer
Tom and daughter, Dick, & Ben
Don, Steve Lytle, and Nick Pittner

The CW Operators

Don McGhee
Dallas & Don Fuhr
Don Perkins
Bob and 6m R/C boat
CW station