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Repeater News
Madison County Amateur Radio Club
147.285 MHz
Many new upgrades occured in 2005 regarding the KE8RV repeater system.  Under the guidance of repeater trustee, Don Kovalchik-W8DPK, the repeater system took a leap into the future.  All of the links have been balanced providing excellent coverage throughout Madison County and the adjoining counties.  Along with the main system site in London, at the Southern end of the county there is a receive site in Mt. Sterling. Another receive site is in West Jefferson. Serving the Northern end of the county is a receive site in Plain City. 

Click here to go to the KE8RV Repeater Technical Website.  Here you will find all of the technical details of our repeater system, current repeater status, and plenty of photos.
Repeater Status Update: 
All three remote receive sites are now sporting a new microprocessor-based controller that is optimized for a multi-receiver voted repeater system.  The firmware, written by Don - W8DPK, features several CTCSS and carrier access modes, multiple timers, and a sensitive DSP CTCSS decoder.  A single  2.5" x 3.5" PC board replaces the three much larger boards that were previously used.
The new south receive site that is located in Mt. Sterling is now on the air.  The KE8RV repeater is now fully functional with all 4 receivers online, providing handheld coverage to most of Madison County.

Below are some of the pictures during our October club project for antenna work.
The Work Crew
Lloyd Moore, Gary Heiman, and Don Kovalchik

Horsing Around

Ken the Crane Operator

Hanging Around

Last Updated: January 5, 2009

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