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Club Station
Madison County Amateur Radio Club


The Madison County Amateur Radio Club has a club radio station located in Plain City in the Pleasant Valley Firehouse.  It is available for use by its members on a 24 hour 7 day a week basis.  The firehouse is located on SR 161 just West of US 42.  Guests may operate at the station only when a member is present.  The station has an ICOM 735 HF radio that is capable of SSB, CW, PSK31, RTTY, and SSTV.  A 2 meter/440 radio is also planned.
When operating as a "club" station, the call used will be KE8RV.  At all other times the identifying callsign will be the individual operator.  At all times, the allowed frequency privileges depend upon the highest class licensee acting as the control operator.
Members and guests are required to sign the operator logbook.  A familiarization checkout is also recommended with one of the station managers.
The current station managers are Don Kovalchik and Bob Lewis.

W8LJ on CW at Club Station
Future HAM Blake sends CW

Last Updated: Augustr 30, 2010