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Cobra Rally Photos
Madison County Amateur Radio Club

Sunday, June 22, 2003 at the Madison County Airport


Madison County Amateur Radio Club Members

Don McGhee, WD8QXT, was the net control for this event.  Don is a former ARES EC and is the club's most senior member.

Morning Briefing
Mark-N8ME, Coordinator



The first club event for the 2003 season was the Cobra Car Rally held at the Madison County Airport.  The rally was the culmination of the Strawberry Festival.  The rally raised thousands of dollars for the Cystic Fibrosis Association.
Early in the day, a Cobra spun out of control on the dragstrip.  The value of amateur radio assistance was well demonstrated during this emergency.  Luckly nobody was hurt and the car sustained a dented muffler.  The event organizers intitially thought they could get away with FRC radios.  They were VERY happy we showed up.
Please check the ARES calendar and sign up soon for the upcoming events.  The events can only be successful with YOUR participation. 
Thanks to Mark Erbaugh, N8ME for organizing this event and to all the operators who volunteered their time.