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Field Day 2003
Madison County Amateur Radio Club
JUNE 2003 at the Pleasant Valley Fire District Headquarters
Field Day 2003 was a first for the Madison County Amateur Radio Club.  The event took place at the Pleasant Valley Fire District Headquarters in Plain City, Ohio.  Considered an Emergency Operations Center (EOC), we operated as a Class F station.  A highlight was Charles McAllister's contacting the first Field Day Station operating from Cuba at 1:05 am !  Some specific comments:  From Bob Lewis -N4GXP: "Our club's participation was proof that when in time of emergency communications need we could successfully respond.  Also, when I started operating CW it was at ten wpm.  Don McGhee got me cruising at 20 wpm by the end of Field Day!  Unfortunately my airplane caught a gust of wind on takeoff and crashed."  Don Perkins - AB8EL responds, "Great Field Day site.  Good experience to be on site with the local fire department."  Nick Pittner - WB8TMF said, "I thought Field Day was very successful."  Don McGhee - WD8QXT said, "I think we did pretty well after a rough beginning and it was a lot of fun."  Don Brewer - WD8BHK said, "The Field Day category and the location which the club selected fit our group very well.  This was my first Field Day participation.  T thought the club came together very well."  John Snowden - KC8SXE said, "Had a great time.  Great educational experience.  Enjoyed making my first HF contacts.  Looking forward to next year."
The Madison County Amateur Radio Club scored a total of 1,984 points.  The breakdown is as follows:  CW=344; PSK31=120;  SSB Phone=620; Bonus Points=900.  The Bonus Points were for setting up in a public place, having three non-traditional operating modes (APRS, SSTV, 6m Remote Control Aircraft), information booth, visitation by a governmental official, media publicity, and emergency power operation.  Next year's goal is to at least double the score!

Antenna Tower Raising
Two Dons- et al
Dick and Mark figuring out the guy ropes.
Up goes the tower!
Successful tower raising for 20m,2m, & 6m
Clay and Don

Field Day Participants
(sorry if I missed anyone)
Will Hoffine - N8TQU
Bob Lewis - N8GU
Mark Erbaugh - N8ME
Don McGhee - WD8QXT
Don Brewer - WD8BHK
Don Perkins - AB8EL
John Snowden - KC8SXE
James Shuff - KC8UOI
Jerry Jarrett - KC8NZL
Margaret Jarrett - KC8OSE
Charles McAllister - N8VIZ
Doug Bell - N8HSU
Dick Reichenbach - KC8OBZ
Nick Pittner - WB8TMF
Kip Metcalf - KB8PVI
Paul Kaufman - K4CDA
Jason Sheehy - KC8FUJ
Ramona (Moe) Sheehy - KC8MOE
Tom Walter - KC8LZC
Tom Breckenridge - KC8MYP
Krista Slanker-Peters
Clay Bennett
Bob Slane
GOTA Station Operators
Mark Erbaugh - N8ME (Control Op)
Krista Slanker-Peters (EMA Manager)
John Snowden - KC8SXE
Bob Slane

James and John at the GOTA station
Dick and Will operate SSB
SSTV Demonstration
Don and Clay trying to figure out how to set up the tent.
Charles McAllister - N8VIZ working CO0US from Havana, Cuba at 1:05 am on 20 meters!!!
What Will was doing at 1:00 am !
Bob demonstrating atypical ham radio operation - 6m R/C airplane flown later in the day.
James demonstrating 6m ham radio using millitary surplus radios

CW Operator-Re-established
CW Operator-Emeritus
Don - WD8QXT

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CW Operator-The Expert